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Looking for Magic Signs

So, this might seem silly, but I look for magical signs from the universe. I like to believe that if I remain open to the magical and unexplainable, signs and guidance reveal clues and reassurance. A few years ago, while I was still mourning the loss of 'my person,' my grandma Jean, I met a spiritual soul in a wellness studio in Florida, near my parents. I was drinking my cold cucumber water in the waiting room, while waiting for a relaxing massage and browsing the wellness books in the lending library. Often, very interesting strangers are placed in your space to teach you and that's just where I found myself. This spiritual soul mentioned angel numbers. I automatically recoil during references to organized religion, so the word angel was triggering to me, even though I actually do believe in guardian angels, because, well they seem more magical than religious. Anyway, she explained that angel numbers are repeating numbers that you may start seeing throughout your day or week. You might start seeing 1111's on license plates, getting a text exactly at 11:11, seeing a bunch of Roman numerals together, etc. It's fun. If you see a series of numbers repeatedly this week, look up what it means on my favorite angel number blog: Yes, it is ad-heavy, but I've looked at several resources and this woman is the most authentic. Authenticity is everything.

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