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Mourning Clippy

This whole season feels different. I have constant butterflies. Nervous and excited alternating knots in my stomach. Literal days of tears and complete self-doubt following by days of HELL YEAHS! I'm departing the decade of my life where I worked for other people, underpaid, and part-time, and relearned all the work-y things that I didn't do during the first five years of my kids' lives, when I rarely touched a computer, but did touch all of the fluids that babies and toddlers produce. When I came back to the work world again, time and technology had rapidly changed. I'm a fast-learner and research-to-learner, but man did I miss Clippy. I don't actually know when Microsoft got rid of Clippy, the cute assistant that would make helpful suggestions, like letter templates. Clippy probably went away a long time ago, but when you use Word and the Microsoft suite frequently and daily, you don't need his support as much. When you come back to Word after half a decade, there is a learning curb for the user interface.

My computer is once again an extension of me. A natural and comfortable tool that I know. Now, onto increasing my comfort with my website, Web3, blogposts, and a podcast. All the things. Authenticity matters.

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